Wall Street and the Financial Crisis

Read the report of the US Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations'infamous inquiry into the causes of the 2008-9 Financial Crisis.

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The Iraq Inquiry

The long-awaited report from Sir John Chilcot's inquiry into the United Kingdom's involvement in the Iraq War.

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About the project

The reports of official inquiries are often a gold-mine of high-quality information on matters of public importance. However, these reports are often inaccessible or hard to find and even when findable are difficult to use. This project will collect, archive and structure official reports from around the world making them permanently and reliably available and presenting their contents such that users can search, browse and analyse them quickly and easily. Even when material is findable it is usually locked up in inaccessible .pdf files that can be large files, hundreds of pages long, which are frequently unsearchable because they are scans of paper documents rather than digital documents.

Rather than having to navigate a maze of disparate websites and (often broken) links, people should be able to quickly and easily browse and search the findings of their governments’ investigations into public matters. That’s what this project will provide. We will collect, archive and structure official reports from around the world. We will initially focus on English-language reports from the United Kingdom and United States for language reasons and because they are usually of high-quality containing much information of general public interest.